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IT Support

We offer our IT support in many ways to cater for the requirements of each individual or organisation. If you have an IT issue you can contact us via our contact page, if you would like us to fix your issue remotely, you can call our office on 01363 881157. You can also raise a ticket online, which gives you the option to let us know your issue 'out of hours', and ensures we are made aware as soon as we arrive during working hours. With all of options we give 2 weeks warranty on our work. We believe in customer satisfaction and hope you will recommend friends and relatives to come and try us out.

Apart from support we also sell IT components ranging from Pc's laptops, tablets and all IT accessories. If you need anything IT related then give us a call and we can give a competitive quote with our added value guaranteed. We charge what we and are customer's deem to be a fair price giving the consumer what they need with the additional required added value. If you are not fully satisfied with the service you have been given. Please contact us by submitting a request via our contact page, and a member of our management staff will be in contact. If you would like assistance in logging a support ticket please call 01363 881157 where a member of staff will help.

We do get very busy at certain times of the day and of the week so please be patient and we will ensure we are patient as well. Thank you for choosing Edworthy Computing Ltd, we would like to take this opportunity to mention Edworthy Media who can provide website design and SEO should you require it.




Remote Support

Welcome to our remote support department. 

If you require  assistance please call our team of analysts on 01363 881157 and they will be happy to help. You will be provided with a 6 digit code. By clicking 'Connect to technician' you agree to our  support 'terms and conditions'.

Enter your 6-digit code here: 

Please be patient with our staff we are at times under immense pressure to fix our customers IT issues. We will show you the same respect and endeavor to get you back up and running in a timely manner.


Remote Assistance